Cappadocia is one of the world’s magical spots, with a surreal volcanic landscape and houses carved into solid rock. Listed as a United Nations World Heritage Site, Cappadocia has always been a destination – in ancient times it was a prime stop on the Silk Road and, now, the area’s historical significance and beauty continue to enthrall both visitors and locals.

Located in an exquisitely restored stone house, Ziggy Café is a modern version of the ancient caravanseri where travelers and locals connected. Intimate, yet spacious, the café’s three outdoor terraces have breathtaking views of Urgup, the region’s most cosmopolitan town. The cozy dining room has deep armchairs and a blazing fireplace in the winter. The easy ambiance, fully-stocked bar, delightful cocktails and excellent food provide incentive to linger.

The café has all the character of ancient Cappadocia, but the stylish setting and contemporary tone give it an urban feel.

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