The 6-7 storey rock mass to the left of the museum entrance is known as the "Nunnery". The dining hall, kitchen and some rooms on the first floor, together with the ruined chapel on the second level, can still be visited.

The church on the third storey, which can be reached through a tunnel, has a cruciform plan, a dome with four columns and three apses. The templon on the main apse is rarely found in Göreme's churches. Besides the fresco of Jesus, painted directly onto the rock, designs pained in red can alse be seen.

The different levels of the monastery are connected by tunnels, and "millstone doors", such as those found in the underground cities, were used to close off these tunnels in times of danger.

The tunnels connecting the levels of the Monastery, to the right, have eroded making it possible to only visit some of the ground floor rooms.

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