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The place behind Kafdagı*, ARAVAN, the legendary valley where the music, statues, and stories meet with stones and rocks… It is THE BLUE VALLEY…

The beautiful land of horses, formed by the adventures of the windssettled at a small valley of Cappadocia; it is an ancient place surrounded by the grape yards, the apples of the paradise, apricots, the oleaster trees which spread the scents of spring, and the walnut trees singing along with the winds.

Here, life is flowing silently, winds remain silent, loves are lived in secret. The stories are concealed behind these beautiful stone buildings and rocks and sleep silently as if never wanted to be awaken… The esthetic structure and the history are blended here with a magnificent integrity and mystery.

Aravan is one of the untouched and original places of Cappadocia. Now its is called AYVALI.

Can you imagine, the Erciyes volcano, which had been exploded millions and millions years ago would be developed into thus extra-ordinary easthetics? Who could imagine such a catastrope would create such a beauty? This volcanic material of Cappadocia, has been devoloped into an architectural feast. The buildings built by these stones which are both functional and easthetic created awarm environment in winter and cool environment in summer. And living in these buildings have become a privilege. It is indeed difficult to decribe the Blue Valley, it can only be exprienced by living there.

It is a privilege to live at Aravan, The Blue Valley!

That is why, if you wish to exprience the historical texture, the advantures of the winds, the calmly flowing water, the scent of the oleaster trees, the apples of the paradise, the grapes of the yards, and pour the full moon, the stars into your wineglass and sip them when the night fell… and yet at in this legendary valley if you wish to listen to the songs, to the love poems and to the stories blowing with the winds from the rocks….

if you wish to live another way of life in this historical atmosphere Or maybe if you wish to dances with the fairies when the sun rises…….

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