“Cappadocia is a special place where the three elements blend in each other, the power of nature, deep history of Anatolia and human-life... Valleys & canyons of Cappadocia created by the force of nature and this creation still continue. In this process, many civilization adopted themselves into this amazing landscape... Even today, in our modern life, many houses has their small caves as a storage for foods regarding their stable temperature...

Hiking in Cappadocia lets you to see & feel those beauties with your senses... While walking in canyons or valleys, you will be able to see the caves used as church, house or monasteries. You can see the faded colours of cave churches in remote valleys and you can even have chance to be the guest one of the village house for taste Turkish tea in their authentic ambiance...

Hiking tours of Cappadocia has many different routes regarding guests conditions and interests... You can discover less visited cave churches that can be reached only by walking or you can have light walking tours in special valleys with different rock formations. Your hiking route can pass through little villages or you can go for very isolated areas to feel and see the real Cappadocia life in the past times...”

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